Challenges faced by Startups After App Launch: The Beginner’s Guide

For businesses, the mobile app industry is like the other which is just taking a step inside and estimating its fit aspects and hoping all the way to becoming a part of all the best things that are offered by the stores like Sky-High Revenue Chart and Global Reach. 

But, it’s also not new witnessing the newbies coming in for trying their fate in the domain and leaving because of a slip. 

For an entrepreneur of the app, there can’t be anything worse than the moment when even after putting a huge amount of time and money, all just that is left behind is an app experiencing a short-lived or low success. And it’s sad to say that this just happens usually. 

For a start-up entrepreneur of an app, a tremendous challenge is to look fetch calm and consistent focus among the numerous lows and highs and finding the to-be-avoided things after the launch of the app. 

Challenges faced by Mobile App Startups After App Launch

At a moment they felt great happiness on witnessing hundreds of instant installs for the factors they used for making the app successful and in the next second, they lose hope as those were just ‘installs’. 

Startup development takes time but, assuring that your startup is not the one that is going to attain the expectations is something that can’t be left on time. And acknowledging the challenges to be found onward can bestow you a head start definitely,  especially in constructing strategies for the post-app launch. 

Let’s just waking you up and making you attentive of all the challenges that can be faced by an app entrepreneur after your app is introduced in the market. 

Devising Approaches of Post-App Launch

Making yourself Found in the Crowd

An amazing app idea is not at all the matter of concern, as there is a very low chance that your app idea would be truly the one that is not revealed before the world or in the mobile app market. If your app idea is actually an unseen or unheard type then it’ll not take much to attract the crowd towards it. 

Working in the situation of low resources, funds, and manpower, for a startup, it could be among those aspects that should be avoided after the launch of the app to keep yourself in the light and stay flashing. Your chance of becoming invisible in the crowd are still common even if you have followed unmarked app ideation announcements that state that after getting the exact persona of the buyer, the user needs, etc., the app should be built. 

Making a Team Together

Once the project is accomplished and launched, most often the team that is associated with the development of the mobile app is left behind. So, once after wrapping all, you have to create the same team that you left gone. 

Theoretically, now it echoes much easier than it’s achieved. In other words, the “right” person should be hired with the required experience to drive your mobile app further until its completion. But, in reality when the practical grounds are considered where what should be bestowed to those “right” candidates is just nothing. 

The most hitting thought, making a team together, after the strategy of the launch of a mobile app, should be synced with your app idea and your business outlook when all you have to bestow in return is an ‘experience’ tag which is something that charges for the survival of any startup. 


With the growth, confusing scalability is the biggest among the mistakes that are usually carried by the app entrepreneurs. They assume the scalability is spreading the business, noticing the time of high revenue inflows, etc. like the growth. 

In reality, there lies a very thin but noticeable line of variation between the growth and scalability. In the case of growth, while you are aware of incurring expenses to strike the next level, scalability, itself means that for the growth of your business you have to work hard while the expenses are left constant and low. 

Now, going to the definition of scalability a little, something that should be followed is the post-launching app tips. There lies some other issues also like the scope and timing of scalability. On comparing your business too late or too soon, failure will be faced by you and if the right time is scaled in the wrong domain then failure will be the outcome. 


This challenge put you in confusion where you have to go with one of the two, like between the right and cost-effective platform, wider reach or less expensive, and like the same, the queue of the struggles and confusion don’t attain the end. 

Most of the brilliant app ideas set to the demise because of the answer to a question, “how to market an app successfully”. The more your brand get an exposure to the world through various platforms, the greater is the chance of getting sidelined. 

It would be too scary even to hear that in spite of spending much, the presence of your company can’t get created in the market with the desired outcome. This is the scariness that keeps the entrepreneurs awake at night. 


No matter, till now what funding scheme you have followed for your project of the mobile app, chances are with the arrival of real expenses from the other side will make the money run out. In fact, half of your budget will fly in just searching for the best strategy for app marketing

To get the investors you have tried NOT EASY. Across the platforms, there always lies a unique idea with an investment perspective knocking on the profile of the investor. The whole scenario is that getting the fund is not easy. 

Common Market Changes

The tech today is on the trip of continuous change. Every time, whenever you stand up with a unique idea thinking it’s just the ‘only’ the next moment, the industry gets stuck in the other big thing. And if you are thinking that you are offering something valuable and also assuming that till will be always demanding then it’s just nothing more than just being naive. 

An app’s timeline marking its IN in the market is just degrading because of various reasons. Today, there’s hardly an app that can take the survival promise while the operation on the akin business model. 

Constant Update

We always know that launching an app is never sufficient. There’s something always that needs to be pinched, added or removed. That’s why having a developed app is known as a continuous process because there’s not a real end of the work after the app launch making a to-do list is just endless. 

Maintaining your app constantly may be difficult and a lot more can be ignored easily if one, like to, because without having a team, you would know hardly what is actually wrong technically with the app and thus, this will result into a growing circle of complaining reviews.

Distributed Focus

For entrepreneurs of a new app, it’s not new or difficult to get deflected from the app or the target for which they initiated the journey and why. After all, the time is not sufficient to get adhered to one idea and keeping it. No?

When your focus gets hinder and start checking out other sets of features or the addition technology, often you experience a chaos event sooner or later, even if it does not go with your application. You will notice yourself being surrounded by already started projects and not going anywhere. 

It’s easy to say a concentrated focus should be kept until the attainment of constant growth, but hard to follow. 

So, the above were the challenges that a startup of the mobile app is going to meet.