Now, The Google Assistant On Your Mobile Will Become A Narrator

Since the last year, the Google Assistant is being a storyteller for your kids on your at home Google device. Now, it’s not hard and fast having Google Home device. For National Tell a Story Day, Google has come up with a great feature to smartphones such as Android and iOS phones. Now, you can enjoy a story by a smart reciter, Google on your mobiles also available in English jargon in various places throughout this world like India, Australia, Canada, UK, and the US.

Earlier, on asking an assistant on your mobile to narrate a story, it would have uttered a short inspirational type quote or a worse joke maybe. From the akin command, experiencing two distinct perceptions never made in such any sense. So, it would be a better aura to see Google joining this.

The stories available range from the Monster Machines, Blaze to more classic famous bedtime tales like “Snow White”, and “Cinderella”.

Like “read along”, it’s an additional feature to a set of other which begin with playing relevant sound effects as the reading continues from various Disney Little Golden Books. It seems to be the coolest feature undoubtedly, but now, the selection is limited for supported books. There is audiobook assistance for longer tales. Moreover, there’s one more option comes along that allows you to sit back and relax while reading your kids a book. So, now, it’s not demanded to engage yourself in a busy schedule for reporting a story to the kids, the Google Assistant will do it for you.