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Android App Development

Android application development services in Jaipur, India assist in building various mobile application solutions that are branched in the precise business requirements of the consumers across the diverse market verticals.

Android App Development Services in Jaipur

  • UX/UI Design services
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Integration
  • Widget Development
  • Native App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Consultation
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Pros of Android Apps for Business

With the increasing android users’ day-by-day, the benefits of business specific android application are too getting a smooth flow like:

  • Low-Investment

As widely known, Android is an open-source platform so, the developers can freely access to Android software development kit (SDK). Moreover, JavaScripted platform is trouble-free in terms of controlling and execution. The steps that are followed –

  • Application Development
  • App Testing
  • Set-up to Android App Store
  • Simple Customization

Android offers flexibility with smooth customization options. This is how our skilled developers build all-rounder apps with distinctive features and functionalities. With easy updates, it too offers adaptability to integrate multimedia tools, data management functions and communication tools.

  • BYOD Choice

Over 80% of the market share is covered by Android, that’s why the companies that are opting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy can reach many budgetary groups as Android is awarded on many devices.

  • Security and Distribution

A very secured platform, Android, gives birth to safe apps, malware protected that can keep track of data organization for executing the codes.




  • Concept Idealization

With a target direction, utilizing a simple concept of application development, we hold a caliber to mold your thoughts and craft them into a useful application. During this phase, the three points that are considered are the launch, business market and mounting of the app.

  • Prototyping Application

Prior to the full development of the application, the outline of the application’s minimal version is set to aid the demonstration of the proof concept and map the investor interest.

  • Design and Development

The experienced developers at Wetech Digital follow the process of storyboarding, programming, wireframing, and testing that enhances the app performance and user action.

  • Creation of Landing Page

An effective landing page is crafted by our talented marketing team that helps in the promotion of your application and converting the views into engagement and installation.

  • Investor Pitch Preparation

As we have invested fruitful years in application investment activities, our proficient team is well-versed in designing the engaging pitch decks and presentation. This will aid in effective selling of your application idea and secure funding.

  • Marketing Strategy

To maximize your application reach, the marketing experts of our company leverage SEO, ASO, social media, influencer marketing, and PR.

Wetech Digital is a leading mobile app development company. We are expert in :

  • Development of cross-platform mobile apps
  • Creation of intuitive UI/UX designs
  • Great beta, QA and security testing
  • Mobile games development
  • Integration of emerging technology (AR, AI, VR, Blockchain)
  • Proof of concept prototyping

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