Social Media Do’s & Don’ts – The Current Year (2019)

We are already on the runway of 2019, so, are you sure about the efforts you are picking in favouring your business in terms of social media to attain your brand’s objectives? No, or perhaps yes, isn’t it? See, there can’t be two correct answers to any of the question. So, today let’s just check out some dos and don’ts of social media that we should consider for benefiting our business.

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts – This Year (2019)



1. Think before posting

The posts of your personal account on social media can affect the view of the crowd concerning your business. So be careful and prior check your post so that it doesn’t ignite the hot topics targeting politics, gender, a religion that may put adverse impact the relationship with vendors, customers, and the other business community.

2. Make your voice audible

On your social media channels and blog, let the viewers and readers feel the shine of your personality. Bloggers are followed by many readers as they like the words and the way they speak. Strike your unique thoughts in a conversational tone that may magnetize readers engagement.

3. Show the real you

Exhibit your real story behind the logo. This will ease them connecting with your brand. Follow some ways that may put an intro of your team members, share “behind the scenes” videos that reveal the glimpse of their best performance and capture the moments of their activities and special events. Too, remember the promotional job for your brand that may bestow a face to your business. This social media strategy is found to be effective by most of the brand managers to expedite trust and loyalty.

4. Maintain real expectations

Obviously, social media is not a magic wand the swinging of which in the air will enhance your business sales.

Yes, you read it right, social media services can only assist you in building your business fame, increase its online visibility, and generate awareness. Additionally, there are many other edges of your brand that influence the revenue growth and customer acquisition.

Instances hold your website’s performance, skills of your sales team, the quality of your products and services, and customer service. Allowing social media to achieve success, always work with your eyes and mind open.

5. Pen down for your readers

Opt for the words that echo in favour of your audience and type it in an understanding manner. Picking simple words doesn’t mean you should go with the lowest level, you just move avoiding complicated sentence skeleton and wordings.

6. Illustrate your outreach

Customers expect that your brand would consider their unique needs and interests by tailoring discounts and deals. Acknowledge retargeting social media campaigns and covering the probabilities of targeted advertising to individual offers and content demand.




1. Avoid engaging with online negative influences

Don’t join the battle with trolls or haters. It would be a waste of creativity, energy and, time if you do, instead, utilize these to serve your clients and build your online presence.

2. Don’t mark your presence everywhere and accomplish every task

Let you know, not every platform of social media advertising will betow the best outcomes for your business. You will attract the confusion on trying maintaining many channels. Always actively give time to your account which yields the best return on your effort and time.

3. Proofread before posting

While publishing posts do check the spellings and grammar, it will affect your brand. Just remember to review your write-ups and fix the mistakes. After publishing also, the content should be reviewed because tricky errors seldom can get slipped, despite the initial efforts of proofreading.

4. Respond promptly to your follower

Ignoring your users would pay you with damage and missed opportunities of your brand. On social media accounts keep tabs and respond quickly to them.

5. For human interaction, don’t use AI as a proxy

Save your time by marketing automation, but never employ it as a replacement on social media for person-to-person communication. The expectation of developing a link with your brand comes from the customer’s side that can be fulfilled by genuinely engaging with them.

6. Don’t stay much with your competition

It is important to watch the competition, but more significant to your success is building a business and bestowing exclusive service to your clients. Nourish unique capabilities and strength to your brand preferably than just trying posing another company.

So, come back with the relevant query if any and your experience with these dos and don’ts.